If you have any questions: or text/call (818) 962-8392


In order to get on the ballot a Congressional candidate has the option to pay a fee, gather signatures or a mixture of both! Each signature you turn in takes $0.90 off the $1,800 filing fee. THANK YOU!


Please make sure to completely fill out the form(s)

  1. IMPORTANT!!! Please print TWO-SIDED .... print both sheets (OK to print two sides or two sheets and staple)
  2. Print Signature in Lieu of Fee Application (click on link)
    • Complete –
    • Name as Registered
    • Registered address (no P.O. Box)
    • Affidavit of Circulator – IMPORTANT (page 2)
  3. Mail to Angelica Duenas for Congress P.O. Box 862, Sun Valley Ca. 91353

Thank you for helping us get on the ballot! 

The only requirement to gather signatures is that you must be 18+

Ask your family, friends and neighbors who are registered to vote in our District to sign to get us on the ballot!





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