Progressive Foreign Policy

Foreign Policy Based on Prosperity and Peace

In the international arena, we must work multilaterally to advance U.S. interests, not force them upon other nations through regime change.

In Congress, we will always seek peaceful approaches, while advocating for the use of diplomacy, and not wage preemptive wars without being attacked or facing an immediate, unavoidable attack. It is time to put the breaks on the war machine.

In the same manner, we will work with countries that do not violate human rights, including women's rights and labor rights. We prioritize foreign aid to governments whose actions are consistent with our values and principles.  We propose the establishment on thorough military spending audits to find any wasteful spending or fraudulent charges from sub-contractors.

We will create partnerships with other countries to grow small and medium businesses to bring jobs to the US. Reducing our military budget by 50%. Currently we use 50% of our discretionary budget on military spending.


  • Trade: We will renegotiate or withdraw from trade agreements like NAFTA to eliminate rules that enable investor-to-state lawsuits that can overturn health, safety, and environmental protections.

  • Finance: We will forgive the sovereign debt of highly-indebted developing countries and push for the IMF and World Bank to forgive these debts as well.

  • Sustainability: We will fund and transfer technology for renewable energy and environmental sustainability to developing countries as part of our commitment to stop climate disruption.

  • Climate: We will negotiate a follow up to the Paris climate accords so the world has a better chance of avoiding catastrophic climate disruption.

  • Robots: We will establish international regulation of standards for autonomous robots and drones so that they do not develop into a threat against humans.

  • Nuclear: We will negotiate with other nations to eliminate nuclear weapons.

  • Sea: We will negotiate protections for international waters to prevent unregulated fishing, mining, construction, and dumping, including within Exclusive Economic Zones (EEZs), because the world's oceans are connected and pollution will flow. We will also promote the elimination of dirty bunker fuels from shipping, which is one of the major contributors to climate change.

  • Space: We will negotiate a United Nations treaty to ban weapons in space and to regulate the use of space and orbits.

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