Angelica Duenas in the News 

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July, 2018 - 17 people arrested for protesting immigration policy in LA - Xinhua

May, 2018 - Rep. Tony Cárdenas faces new calls to resign over sexual-assault accusation - Daily News

May, 2018 - Judge rules that politician accused of sexually assaulting teenage girl can be named in lawsuit - Bristol Herald Courier  

May, 2018 - Allegation against Rep. Tony Cárdenas brings uncertainty to ‘slam dunk’ district - Daily News

March, 2018 - Angelica Duenas mounts a Green challenge in a Democratic district - Knock LA

March, 2018 - How LA County’s congressional races are looking for women, Democrats, Republicans - Daily News

December, 2017 - Dianne Feinstein Protested By DACA Activists  - TYT Politics 

December, 2017 - Dreamer bloquea entrada del edificio de la senadora Feinstein en L.A. - La Opinion

November,  2017 - Lt. Governor Candidate Gayle McLaughlin Announces 2018 Endorsements

October, 2017 - DNC Favors Democrat Incumbents Over Bernie-Backing Primary Challengers

September, 2017 - Ballotpedia: Angelica Dueñas for Congress

July, 2017 - Green Berniecrat Angelica Dueñas runs for CA 29

July, 2017 - Meet the Anti-Corporate Candidates for Congress in California

July, 2017 - Young Greens Standing Up! #3 – United States Angelica Duenas – Young Greens of the United States Global Greens Conference

July, 2017 - Members from around the world respond to far-right politics

May, 2017 - Global Greens meet in Liverpool #Greens2017

August, 2016 - Report back from DNC: Angelica Dueñas

2016 Democratic Nation Convention

July, 2016 - NBC2 at DNC: Clinton finds tough crowd in Sanders supporters

July, 2016 - California Delegates Walk Off the Floor of DNC in Protest of Hillary Clinton’s Nomination

July, 2016 - #16 Bernie Sanders delegate Angelica Duenas flashes the peace sign after walking out of the convention in protest

July, 2016 - The New York Times Street Style: The Democratic National Convention

March, 2010 - 2010 Neighborhood Council Election Results