Hello, Sir/miss/mam!

Angelica Dueñas is running to be your congresswoman, do you have 2 minutes to spare?


Okay, thank you! My name is [Name] and I’m volunteering for Angelica Dueñas who’s running a progressive campaign for congress right here in the San Fernando Valley’s 29th Congressional District. When she’s elected, she will fight for universal health coverage, a Green New Deal, affordable housing for all, and many, many other progressive policies- which I’d be happy to discuss further with you if you have time. Knowing that Angelica is the progressive on the ticket facing the corporately funded incumbent, we’re hoping to have your support come November 3rd.

I'm saying


Do you have one more minute to complete our congressional Survey? 

In order to be your best congressional representative, we’re asking for, and collecting, the priorities of the constituents in this district.


Thanks! Angelica understands that being a good representative is more than just supporting policies. When we enter congress, we intend to have a strong plan for legislation, implementation, and congressional organizing!

You could go to angelica4congress.com to learn more. And have a nice day!

Thank You!