So how does this event work?

1. You will receive postcards from us. You decide how many: 25, 50, 75, or 100.

We can drop them off to you, or you can pick them up from us, and if you're not in this district, we will mail them to you.

2. You will receive permanent markers with the cards. These were donated to us, so we'll keep re-using them for our next batches. We'll collect them back with the cards

3. You will write your message on the back. Tell your story: Why are you a progressive, why are you volunteering for this campaign, why this is important to you? ...Etc

4. Key points for us is: 1. mention Angelica 2. encourage them to go to her website: 3. Voting date: November 3rd

5. Let us know when you're finished, and we'll pick them up from you. If you liked the experience and would like to write more, let us know and we'll get you more cards!