Who is Angelica Duenas?


Angelica Dueñas is the Green Party candidate running for Congress in California District 29. As a Green, she accepts no corporate money, and so she is beholden to the people of her district and not big money interests. The 29th district includes Arleta, Granada Hills, Lake View Terrace, Mission Hills, North Hills, North Hollywood, Pacoima, Panorama City, San Fernando, Studio City, Sun Valley, Sylmar, Valley Village, Valley Glen and Van Nuys.

Angelica was born and raised in Sun Valley by her parents Mr. and Mrs. Dueñas, who immigrated from Mexico. 

A defining event in Angelica's childhood was when her mother lost her job in 1997. Mrs. Dueñas had worked 21 years at the Price Pfister factory in Pacoima. During this time countless companies, and livelihoods, were driven out of our country, to never return, all this result of NAFTA. This family crisis sparked young Angelica's lifetime commitment to fight for social justice.


Angelica attended LAUSD schools; Roscoe ES, Byrd MS, and Polytechnic HS.
She earned a Human Resources Professional Certification from LAVC,  BA in Political Science-Public Administration from CSULA, and MA in Organizational Leadership from Woodbury University. She is the first person in her family to achieve this level of education, her parents and family are very proud of this accomplishment.




Angelica is married to Henoc Sanchez since 2006, they divide their time between hard earned employment, political activism, and most importantly, raising five healthy children.


Presently, Angelica Dueñas is a contributing Board Member of the Sun Valley Neighborhood Council where she served two terms as President, one term as 2nd Vice President, and one term as 1st Vice President.


A huge turning point for Angelica was during the Bernie Sanders 2016 campaign. Prior to that Angelica was not interested in electoral politics, but rather local issues. While being elected and serving as a Delegate for U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders at the Democratic National Convention during his legendary 2016 Presidential run precisely when Angelica confirmed the corruption of the two party system in America.



This painful and enlightening experience compelled her to officially join the Green Party and begin the work of political reform.

Today, Angelica is an active Council Member at the Sun Valley Area Neighborhood Council and at the Green Party of Los Angeles County. Angelica is also a member of the Coordinating Committee of the Green Party of California and an Alternate Delegate to the GPUS Standing General Assembly. 

(Sun Valley Area NC)


(Green Party of LA County)

Angelica is a part of the Federation of Young Greens of the Americas and also a Delegate to the Global Young Greens representing the United States at the 2017 Global Greens Conference in Liverpool UK.


(Larry Sanders (Bernie's brother) Health Spokesperson to the Green Party of England and Wales)                     


(Global Young Greens of the Americas, Liverpool March 2017)

Angelica knows that the priorities of America’s working families will be not be met and within our government until voters elect members of America’s working class to Congress and Senate.
As a member of Congress, Angelica will fight for policies, and deliver results that bring tangible improvements to the lives of her San Fernando Valley constituents.
Angelica is committed to:
Medicare for All - Healthcare is a Human Right!
End Homelessness - Housing as a Right
Humane Paths to Citizenship - No human being is illegal. Immigration Reform policies that treat hard-working people and their families with both the compassion they deserve and the principles of fairness that every American values. 
Jobs for All - A "Green New Deal" incentivizing job creation and affordable housing construction, while simultaneously ensuring that vital social service programs receive full federal funding.
End Citizens United - Get corporate money out of politics
Election Integrity - From primaries through general elections. She will fight to guarantee that no election is rigged, that all votes are counted and that all voters have unimpeded access to the ballot box.
Stop All Wars - Angelica will advocate for a humane foreign policy that is based on the fundamentals of human dignity and peace.
We need and deserve a strong human rights activist in Congress. Angelica Dueñas is that person.
For Peace, People and Planet Over Profit: Vote for Angelica Dueñas, Green Party, For Congress.

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